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Face and Body Reading

So many times, our physical appearance reveals so much information about our personality and destiny before we speak. It serves as a mirror to whatever is going on in our minds. Keep reading to find more information about face and body reading. 

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What is Face and Body Reading?

Generally, face and body reading is used to identify an individual’s character and personality through specific body and face features. But, for Chinese face reading, it goes beyond that to detect a person’s fortune, prosperity, lack, and the condition of our homes and environment. Face reading or reading body is also called physiognomy and was initially used for fortune-telling in China, Korea, and India. But even though it originated in Asian countries, we can all agree that reading body language is something we all pay attention to as individuals, companies, and businesses.

Face reading
Reading body language

How to Read Facial and Body Language?

When it comes to face reading Chinese medicine, every detail is essential to interpret an individual correctly. Chinese face reading uses a face map that divides the face into sections connected to various age groups, personalities, and body organs. The face is divided into three parts based on age group; the forehead- 15-30 years, the middle part- 31-50 years, and the lower/ chin area represents after 50 years.

Just from looking at the face alone, we can get so much personal information starting from the eyes, brows, lips, facial expressions, ears, and many more.  Here are some valuable examples to guide us through:

  • Face shape reading provides many clues to who a person is. 
    • A round face represents a cheerful, easy-going, and generous person. 
    • The square shape means a smart, rich, and motivated person
    • The triangular-shaped face represents a passionate, active, perseverant individual
    • Rectangular-shaped faces are usually associated with honesty, good leadership qualities, and strong physical strength.
  • Face reading for the eyes involves many aspects, like the size and distance between both eyes. Small-sized eyes are seen in reserved people, while individuals with big eyes tend to be more passionate. 

Regarding the distance between both eyes, a small eye distance signifies a strong ability to concentrate and pay attention to details, while a bigger space gives a more chilled and relaxed vibe.

  • For nose face reading, a big-sized nose usually goes with an ambitious and independent person. 
  • Mouth and lips: wide mouth represents a cheerful, extroverted person, while a small-sized mouth represents more of an introverted person. For face reading lips, thick lips are seen more in people passionate about love, kind and healthy people.
  • Moles: A face map to identify the position and number of moles reveal certain personal information. 
  • Position and postures are nonverbal forms of communication that help in body and face reading. Crossing your arms or expanding them during a discussion gives different meanings. The former makes you appear defensive and disinterested, while the latter provides a more welcoming approach.
  • Gestures like tapping your feet, rolling your eyes, chin nods, and a thumb-up sign are common gestures that help us understand people better.
“To understand the limitation of things, desire them.”
― Lao Tzu

Benefits of Face and Body Reading

Chinese face reading offers the following benefits

  • Through personality face reading, you can discover your personality type
  • It shows specific areas of lack and disconnection so you can work on them
  • Enables you to make life-changing decisions to correct any issues detected 
  • It better explains who we are and identifies our strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Improves the general well-being of an individual
  • It guides the physiognomy expert to offer suitable healing and treatment plans from the results obtained.
  • It helps us detect health conditions in the body from the various parts of the face affected. 
  • It helps us understand our destiny and prosperity level.
Chinese face reading
  • 30 Min By Phone
  • For New Clients
  • By Video (Optional)
1 Hour Session
$ 120
  • Face And Body Reading
  • In combination with services
  • Acupuncture/Feng Shui/Gua sha/Shinrin Yoku
Health Package
$ 1000
  • 10 Sessions
  • Treatment Plan
  • All Services Included
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Face and Body Reading Specialist

Maria Gorens - Practitioner of Chinese Medicine in NYC

Maria Gorens

25 years experience


  • Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York
  • Acupuncture Course with T.Koei Kuwahara in New York
  • Tung’s Acupuncture Therapeutic System with Dr. Wei-Chieh Young
  • BTB Professional School of Feng Shui in New York, three-year degree
  • Face and Body Reading Course in New York with Master Dr.Edgar Sung

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Face and Body Reading - Testimonials

“Maria is amazing! I had sustained a foot injury which caused chronic pain and limited my physical activity, I had seen several orthopedic specialists with no improvement. After just a few visits with Maria I began to feel much better. She has also administered treatment to my young son and he felt safe and comfortable under her care as well. She listens to her patients and administers treatment with expertise and most importantly with care and compassion for the individual.”
Maura Dinardo
“Maria is more than an acupuncturist, she is a holistic healer – working not only on our physical bodies but also nourishing the underlying emotional and spiritual realms that guide our lives. With ancient Chinese medicinal techniques, acute sensitivities, and uncommon wisdom, Maria helped to heal the pain in my body in a way western medicine may fall short. Indeed, she is unique, skilled, and powerful.”
Monique Vogelsang

Face and Body Reading at Firebird Acupuncture

To prevent misinterpretations of different body and facial parts, you should always book a professional trained for this and not just use a random person. At Firebird, we offer physiognomy face reading services by Maria Gorens. She is a top face and body reading professional with a master’s degree in the Face and Body Reading Course from New York with Dr.Edgar Sung. We also offer online face-reading sessions for those who can’t come in physically, and also provide Chinese medicine services such as acupuncture.

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Firebird Acupuncture

Face and Body Reading in NYC - FAQ

The Ancient art of FACE AND BODY READING is used also to define not only the possibility of the future state of health but also predict  the future good or bad fortune. The face has information of the past, present and future. Experienced practitioner knows how to get the information for patients’ external features to prevent diseases and bad fortune.

Reading body language is crucial for several reasons. It unveils personality traits, highlighting areas for growth and improvement. By making life-altering decisions based on these insights, we enhance our well-being. Understanding our strengths and weaknesses leads to tailored healing and treatment plans, aiding in early detection of health issues and fostering a deeper comprehension of our destiny and prosperity.


Face and Body Reading can offer a comprehensive understanding of your health and well-being, highlighting areas that may need attention or support. It can help in identifying underlying health issues, emotional stressors, and lifestyle imbalances. This service is aimed at providing personalized care that addresses not just symptoms but the root cause of health concerns.

During your session, a skilled practitioner will observe and analyze your facial features, skin texture, body shape, and posture. You may be asked about your health history and lifestyle habits. This information will then be used to assess your overall health, identify any imbalances, and develop a customized treatment plan which may include acupuncture, herbal medicine, and lifestyle recommendations.

You can book a session by visiting our website, calling our office directly 917 453 98 45, or emailing us We recommend booking in advance to secure your preferred date and time.

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